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DUI/DWI & Substance Abuse Programs

We offer state-certified and MVA-approved programs for drivers who were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Based on the initial evaluation, one of these 2 programs could be recommended:

12-Hour Education/Early Intervention Program

Its purpose is to educate individuals who show early signs of alcohol/drug use disorders, among them some drivers charged with DWI/DUI. We offer the following 12-hour programs:

These programs can be completed in 6 weeks.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

This program has a curriculum based on the stages-of-change model and is designed to foster personal growth by eliciting the appropriate changes to avoid alcohol/drug use disorders. Some DUI clients participate in this program, which usually includes 26 sessions with a duration varying from 13 to 26 weeks.

Aftercare Programs

We offer outpatient continuing aftercare to clients who successfully completed their program and are still in need of continued supervision and support. Clients who participated in residential programs and those who relapsed are encouraged to participate in aftercare.

Mental Health Services

We offer Mental Health Evaluation; Dual Diagnosis Treatment; Individual, Couple and Family Therapy. These services are conducted by specialized professional clinical counselors or clinical social workers.

Anger Management

This program includes a curriculum, with a cognitive-behavioral approach, designed to help clients learn to control their impulses, especially rage, in frustrating situations. This program is accepted by the courts.